Weekly News from MNO (June 14, 2017)


Please continue to keep Bishop Elaine in your prayers as she recovers from surgery.

Please contact Pastor Tyler Gingrich (beginning June 1st) who will be her commissary during her medical leave over the next couple months.



• ELCIC Delegates for National Convention 2017

• Images for ELCIC Worship Bulletin Covers

• CLWR appeal

• Indigenous Awareness Month- June Activities

• Important Reminder 


• 2017 ELCIC National Convention - Volunteer Opportunity 

• 500th Commemorations of the Reformation 

• MNO Youth News

• ELCIC Reformation Challenge  

• Gimli Lutheran Church Invitation

• Lutheran Urban Ministry (the urban)

• Lutheran Seminary 


ELCIC Delegates National Convention 2017

Please hold delegates to our ELCIC's National Convention in thought and prayer as the time approaches for our church to gather for business, fellowship, worship, and discernment!

Rev. Trudy Thorarinson - Manitoba South
Rev. Brian Keffer- Northwestern Ontario 
Rev. Tyler Gingrich- Winnipeg, MB
Deacon Hilde Vickers- Manitoba West
Deacon Michele Barr - Winnipeg, MB 
Rev. Melissa Frankland - Manitoba South 
Rev. Erik Parker- Manitoba Central
Rev. Chris Bishopp- Winnipeg South

Kathy Maxon - Manitoba West
Faye Goranson- Manitoba Central 
Karl Tuomisto- Northwestern Ontario
Jett Isleifson - Winnipeg, MB
Russ Skakum- Winnipeg, MB
Faye Schultz- Winnipeg, MB
Kim Knopf- Manitoba East
Harry Hopps- Manitoba West
Colleen Einarson- Winnipeg, MB
Maxine Clarke- Johnson- Manitoba Central
Neil Miller- Manitoba East
Norm Plato- Manitoba East
Devin Vermette- Manitoba South 
K.T. Werboweski - Winnipeg, MB


 Images for ELCIC Worship Bulletin Covers

In Mission for Others. This theme of the ELCIC invites us to look out into our communities and see the people around us, loving our neighbours as ourselves. The ELCIC Program Committee for Worship (PCW) is putting out a call for images of doors and windows that look out and see in, evoking this mission that we all share across the church, to be used on worship bulletin covers for the 2017-2018 liturgical year.

The images can be of doors and windows of any sort. Doors are thresholds of welcome to invite people in. Windows see into the lives of our neighbors and inspire us to reach out. Images of doors and windows that invite us into the light, into contemplation of stability and beauty, and into transition and change are all welcome.

Please send images attached to an email to BulletinPictures@gmail.com indicating the PHOTOGRAPHER who took the image and the LOCATION where the picture was taken. Tell the STORY: say something about why you took the image. Include the name of the congregation if appropriate.The PCW has asked David Solheim, who prepared the current bulletin series, to select and prepare the set of images for the bulletin covers again for 2017-2018.

Since the bulletin covers require a square image (like Instagram), Dave will crop your image as needed. Dave says that, from a practical point of view, any jpeg (.jpg) image that is 2.6 MB or more in size can work. All images for the first half-year need to be submitted by September 30, 2017.

Please continue to send images for the second half until April 4, 2018.

CLWR appeal 

Canadian Lutheran World Relief is running an appeal to help those in countries struggling with famine. Please click the ELCIC page or the CLWR page. This is time-sensitive in that matching grant dollars from the government will be made available until the end of June 2017.

Indigenous Awareness Month Activities - June 

Epiphany Indigenous Anglican Church, 730 McPhilips Street, Winnnipeg, MB.  Ray St Germain in concert: Thursday, June 15 7:30pm Tickets are $10, at the door. To purchase in advance, call 204 - 475 9956. Doors open at 6:30pm. 

St.James Heritage Church, 525 Tylehurst St, Winnipeg, MB Wednesday, June 21
7:00pm  National Aboriginal Day Service of the Word: Guest Speaker ... Elder George Spence on the ‘60s Scoop. Please call 204-888-3489 for more information. 

The Winnipeg Foundation announces it's spring Winnipeg workshop series! Are you interested in hosting a informational Returning to Spirit workshops in your community? Contact us today at info@returningtospirit.org for all the details. 

Non-Aboriginal 4-Day Workshop June 16-19, 2017 Micah House, Winnipeg, MB                    Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

Aboriginal 4-Day Workshop July 7-10, 2017 Micah House, Winnipeg, MB                                     Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

Important Reminder to Congregational Treasurers/Chairs/Pastors:

If your congregation’s fiscal year end is Dec 31, then JUNE 30 2017 is the deadline to file your congregation’s 2016 Annual Information Return, Form T3010 with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Failure to file by the deadline could result in the following consequences:
· No longer being exempt from tax
· Not being able to issue official donation receipts
· Having to transfer all property to an eligible donee or be subject to a revocation tax equivalent to the full value of remaining assets

Fillable forms are available at http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pbg/tf/t3010/. Please confirm by email to the synod office when Form T3010 has been filed on behalf of your congregation.If your fiscal year end is other than December 31, please inform the synod office. Thank you!




2017 ELCIC National Convention - Volunteer Opportunity

This summer Winnipeg will host our National Church Convention at the University of Manitoba July 6-8th.  As the host synod the MNO is looking forward to welcoming around 200 delegates, visitors and guests from across Canada and around the world!

The Local Arrangements Committee is in the midst of attending to the many details, including recruiting volunteers! We have need for volunteers for the following areas:

-       Stewards,   Ushers,   Information Desk,   Registration,   Transportation ,    Office Support

No experience is necessary and the time commitment can be as little as a few hours. If you, or someone you know is available please let us know!

To sign up or for more information contact:

Norm Coull, Chair (204) 998- 1044 or email: ngcoull@mymts.net

Or Rev. Courtenay Reedman Parker, Vice Chair (204) 930-4634 or

Email: mailpastorcourtenay@gmail.com    


500th Commemorations of the Reformation 

Synod Council is making available up to $250.00  from Mission as Hope  to each of our synod areas as well as to the north (Flin Flon and Thompson) for an area commemoration event. It is hoped that  such commemorations would draw participation from congregations in an area, but if a whole  area is not planning such an event, it can also be made available to a congregation or a small cluster of congregations.  It is also hoped that these commemorations would have an ecumenical component to them, involving local Roman Catholic, Anglican, Mennonite, etc. brothers and sisters. Please forward your area (or congregational) ideas to Pastor Tyler Gingrich (tgingrich@elcic.ca) by June 30, 2017.  Funds will be disbursed by September 1.


MNO Youth News

Prairie Fire is looking for guitarists! To apply and audition, contact Pastor Tyler at:

The youth section of the mnosynod website is now updated with upcoming events. Click here for more information. 


ELCIC Reformation Challenge

Please visit the Reformation Challenge page updates.


Gimli Lutheran Church

52 THIRD AVE., GIMLI MB  204 642 5996 gimluth@mymts.net

We at Gimli Lutheran Church would like to invite you to join us in worship when you are out in Gimli or the surrounding areas this summer.

May & June we worship @ 11:00 a.m. ;July & August we worship @ 10:00 a.m.


Lutheran Urban Ministry (the Urban)

June 2017 Newsletter and Urban Needs;  http://www.theurban.ca/

Available Meal Team Dates Still Open:  June 18, 22, 29; July 6, 12, 13, 16, 19, 23, 27; August 16, 24, 30, 31; September 3, 7, 10, 13, 14, 17, 20, 21, 24, 28.  Please contact

Luther Seminary, St. Paul - Rethinking Church

Registration  is now open for: 

Rethinking Church!

Are you ready to ask different questions than simply how to get people to come to church? Than Rethinking Church is for you.

In the last century, Christian congregations in North America largely imagined their mission as attracting people to Sunday morning church. Congregations were taught to measure attendance and offerings. Things are changing.

In what ways have our worship, education and fellowship changed? How is the Holy Spirit forming community in our contexts in 2017? Mark your calendar for July 26-28, 2017 and explore these questions at Rethinking Church.