2018 – MNO Synod Convention

2018 – MNO Synod Convention


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Our next MNO Synod Convention will be April 26-28, 2018 at Grace Lutheran Church in Winnipeg.
See our event-page for more information (note that Registration is Closed).

Sermons for Sunday, April 29, 2018 available here.

Download the Convention Manual here.
Motion Recording Form (p.11 of the Convention Manual) to be filled out and submitted to Reference and Counsel in order to bring a motion to convention.

2018 Convention Bulletin of Reports available here.

2018 Convention Addendum to the Bulletin of Reports available here.

Delegates: make sure to read through the Bulletin of Reports in advance!
Parliamentary procedure for our convention follows Bourinot’s Rules of Order.
Delegate Expense Form (in PDF-format)
Delegate Expense Form (in doc-format)

Nominations for Youth and Lay Delegates to ELCIC Convention 2019 (action required by March 15, 2018)
As we look towards a Synod Convention in April, 2018, we need to look beyond that to the National Convention in 2019 – and we’ll need LAY and YOUTH nominees for the ballot that will come forward at the synod convention!
If you would let your name stand, please fill out this online form.
Note that to be eligible to be a nominee on the ballot, you need to be nominated either a) by church council motion; b) by congregation’s AGM motion; or, c) by ten (10) members of MNO congregations.
Our bylaws state (Part VI, Section 1):
“Six months in advance of a synod convention at which delegates to a national convention will be elected, the secretary of synod council shall call for nominations for lay and youth delegate positions. Nominations shall close forty days prior to the opening of the convention at which the elections shall take place”
Unsure about the role of delegate to National Convention? Read this Job Description for Delegates to National Convention (PDF-file)

Will you serve at the synod level?
Here is the synod’s Policy on Committees
Memo to congregational council chairs, rostered ministers, and Synod committee chairs:
MNO Synod Positions 2018
Position descriptions for vacancies on: Synod Council, LTS Board of Governors, synod committees:
Position Descriptions 2018
Biographical Data form (needed for nomination/appointment to synod committee):
Biographica Data form 2018 in WORD
Biographical Data form 2018 in PDF

Devotions for Discernment – we invite your thoughtfulness as we look towards the election of a bishop
Cick here for more information

Biographical Data Form: Bishop
As there will be an election of a bishop at convention the following form is being provided in advance of the 3rd ballot when biographical information is distributed to convention delegates. To ordained ministers on the roster of the ELCIC: if you desire to share such information, please fill out this form and return it to the MNO Synod office at convention.

Nominate someone for the Synod Leadership Award!
Follow this link.

Retired Rostered Ministers
A letter from Synod Secretary to Retired Rostered Ministers (action was needed by November 25, 2017) – open pdf-file here.
On behalf of Bishop Elaine Sauer, the following Retired Rostered Ministers have been elected to the delegation of Retired Rostered Ministers to the 2018 MNO Synod Convention:
Rev. Katharine Bergbusch
Rev. Don Engel
Rev. David Saude
Bishop Richard Smith.
The Synod thanks all Retired Rostered Ministers who allowed their names to stand for the Retired Delegation, and to those who participated in the election process. For those Retried Rostered Ministers not elected to the Delegation wanting to participate in Synod Convention can do so by registering as a Visitor or serving as a Volunteer.
Information to register as a Visitor available on our online registration here
For more information about volunteering please contact Grace Lutheran Church, Winnipeg (204) 661-2562.