Eco-Reformation Project

Welcome to MNO’s Eco-Reformation Project page!

Program Description: Initial Synod Council Research Project (PDF-file)

Project Discoveries: Congregational Action (PDF-file)

Project Recommendations: Initial Recommendations for Congregational Action, April 2018 (PDF file)


Eco Theology–What’s New April 2022
Eco Theology Resources April 2022

Eco-Theology Resource Guide–What’s New Nov 2021

Eco Theology Resources August 2021 (evolving quarterly)
Eco Theology Resources November 2021

The Appendix to the Eco-Theology Resource Guide Is Now Available

New Appendix  A Catalogue of Studies, Curricula and Discussion Guides The public link to the Eco-Theology Resource Guide Appendix is

Check this new Appendix under its own link for ease of access. Here is an assortment of strategies for initiating small group conversations in your congregation. At least one will work for you!

Announcements and New Discoveries for MNO and ABT Synods

Pastor Dave Saude’s blog, click here.


Follow-up to 2019 ELCIC Convention
Our church in convention passed three motions relating to the climate crisis. These motions may be found on pages 34 and 35 of the Final Revised Bulletin of Reports, Section F, 05-28-2019.  Click here to read more.

ELCIC’s Stewardship of Creation initiative


EcoSuperior in Thunder Bay
Rainy Lake Conservancy in Fort Frances
Ontario government page is helpful – Lake of the Woods drainage area encompasses Fort Frances, Bergland, and Kenora
Treaty 3 is the western-most region of our synod
Great Shoreline Cleanup 
Report (DOC-file)