There are several grants available through the MNO Synod. Click below to find out more.

Margie Kvern Scholarship

Compassionate Justice Initiatives–Anti-Poverty Grant

Mission Grants — CECF

ACTS of the MNO Synod 

Contact the synod office with questions.

Find a variety of stories and reports from various grant recipients HERE.


In spring of 2021 a new Synod Council Grants Committee was created. This new committee is working to change how congregations and individuals access grants by streamlining the application process and creating a central place for funding information and opportunities. The Grants Committee is a consolidation of the former Canadian Mission, ACTS of the MNO, Compassionate Justice, and Margie Kvern Memorial Scholarship committees. Responsibility for overseeing all funding opportunities in the Synod now rests with this committee, and they are working to support the church by using the resource we have more effectively.

The Grants Committee is not just a group who make decisions on applications but is a resource for the entire Synod. If there is a project or idea you want to develop, the Grants Committee will work with you to facilitate your ideas! If there is an idea you want to develop, or you have an interest in applying for any of the MNO Synod grants please reach out to committee chair Michael Kvern, or any of the committee members!

We hope that this new committee will be able to fund more projects in more places, strengthening our church and our mission.

The Grants Committee is charged with evaluating and discharging grants on behalf of the MNO Synod Council.

The role of the committee is to receive, acknowledge and process all grant applications for the MNO Synod.  Once funding has been approved for one of five specific grants, the committee works with the Synod office to give approval, make recommendations, communicate with recipients and disperse funds.

Funding criteria is specific to each grant. By focussing the application process for all five grants through one committee, it is our belief that we will gain deeper familiarity with the criteria and assess each application and direct it to the appropriate application, thereby streamlining the process for the applicants. It is part of our mandate to work alongside the recipients who received grant funding to ensure the impact statements are shared with the wider church, and our statistical reporting is complete to the Synod office.  When necessary, revisions to the grant application process will be made according to feedback as the process gets rolling. 

Through communications in weekly e-newsletters and other advertising through the Synod office staff, we hope for an increased awareness about grant application possibilities. The impact of current applications will be an encouragement to all, to consider how the Spirit is working in them to awaken dreams and visions in their community and neighbourhoods!

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