ACTS of the MNO Grant – Faith Formation Training & Resources

The ACTS of the MNO committee recently approved an application from Candace Kostna for a ministry project focusing on getting additional training for faith formation ministry in light of the realities of the pandemic.  Candace most recently served as the Family Ministries Coordinator at Sherwood Park Lutheran Church.  When her contract came to an end, and as the pandemic affected churches in so many ways, Candace felt called to pursue some training from Vibrant Faith Ministries, focusing on resourcing leaders and families who are re-invisioning faith formation.  The grant will allow Candace to attend a series of Vibrant Faith training courses, develop a web site, and create faith formation resources for congregations throughout the synod.  The training from Vibrant Faith will cover re-imagining faith formation for children, adolescents, senior adults, and families, as well as understanding digital ministry, expanding leadership vision for a new church, and integrating digital and in-person faith formation ministry.  Candace will share her learning through the web site she develops, as well as through a series of webinars and workshops that will be available to congregations.

The ACTS of the MNO Synod funds are available to ministries, groups or individuals in the MNO Synod who submit an application articulating a ministry experiment or project that is grounded in the mission of the Gospel, expands the reach and impact of the church, and responds to the reality of the context.  You can find the application and more information on the MNO synod web site.