Messiah Lutheran Church, Winnipeg, Provides Worship Resources for Home

Leaders from Messiah Lutheran Church, Winnipeg received an ACTS of MNO grant to strengthen connection and communication in new ways with their community through a set of resources for faith formation during the seasons of Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. Originally intended to include in-person experiences, “Wonder & Wander” became a series of digital and at-home resources when in-person gathering restrictions increased in November.  

Wonder & Wander invites us to wonder about ways that God is at work in and through us, and wander into these new ways” said Pr. Courtenay in a video posted to Messiah’s Facebook page.  Resources included Advent devotional resources that were sent to households, mid-week Advent services via Facebook, activities, lessons & carols for families to mark the 12 days of Christmas, an Epiphany service, as well as resources for communication and connection that will continue to be developed.  Aware of the ongoing impact of gathering restrictions, and seeking to find new ways to generate connection within the congregation and with the broader community, the vision of this project is that through intentionally-developed resources and increased and targeted communication, members will feel more strongly connected to their church family, equipped to intentionally strengthen their faith, and encouraged to share the story of God’s love with the community. The videos and other information about these series can be found on Messiah’s Facebook page.

The ACTS of the MNO Synod funds are available to ministries, groups or individuals in the MNO Synod who submit an application articulating a ministry experiment or project that is grounded in the mission of the Gospel, expands the reach and impact of the church, and responds to the reality of the context.  You can find the application and more information on the MNO synod web site.