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MNO Synod Youth and CLAY

We know that attending CLAY this summer will not be the same as attending in person.  But a Synod Youth Planning Team is working on creating some ideas, opportunities and resources for youth groups to surround and supplement CLAY with fun and fellowship.  As we pay attention to the public health orders and gathering guidelines, we will be adjusting the plans accordingly.  Here are some ideas that are ‘in the works’:

MNO Synod T-shirt: We want to provide a synod t-shirt for youth and youth leaders to wear during CLAY like we would have had for the bus trip.  This shirt is being designed, and more information will be coming soon.  Anticipate a cost of $14 for the t-shirt, with the possibility of having the shirt mailed either to homes or congregations for pick-up.

CLAY Sidecar Connections: We want to find ways to connect congregations and youth groups.  The CLAY Sidecar Connection gives a congregation an opportunity to become a ‘sidecar’ to a group of youth participating in CLAY.  The Sidecar Congregation prays for, encourages, and maybe sends a care package to the youth group they’re connected to.  Find out more in the most recent Youth Leader Update. Youth groups need to sign up in order to be connected to a Sidecar.

MNO Synod Youth NYP Response Video: The National Youth Project on youth homelessness in Canada will come to an end with this summer’s CLAY event.  If you have not yet hosted a conversation or learning experience with your youth about this issue, check out the resources provided (, and consider at least one way to invite your congregation into a conversation or learning experience.

Beyond what CLAY will be coordinating, we are inviting youth to contribute to a collaboration video for MNO Synod.  In 1 minute or less, youth, leaders, parents and others in your context are invited to respond to one or both of the following prompts:

  1. “Home is…” or “Homelessness is…”
  2. “Addressing Youth Homelessness matters to me because…”

Submitted videos will be combined to create a video that lifts up a community response to the issue of homelessness.  This video will be shown during the Synod Gathering Time during CLAY, and then with the synod more broadly.

  • Send your recordings (in .mov or .mp4 format) to Deacon Michelle Collins at or 431-278-5146 by June 25.
  • Include a few seconds of silence at the beginning and end of the recording to facilitate with editing.
  • Preferred format for videos is .mp4
  • Audio recordings without video are also acceptable
  • Feel free to invite a variety of people (age, gender, etc) within your congregation to respond (not only 12-18 yr. olds)
  • Include your congregation name and the name of individuals in the submission
  • Preferred orientation for video is horizontal

Submitting a video provides the synod with permission to use/modify/share the video, including posting the video online.

2021 Online CLAY Budget Draft for various possible gathering plans

Other ideas that youth leaders are planning (staying flexible and attentive to guidelines). Maybe some of these ideas might work in your context as well.

Secret CLAY Pal:  Invite adults in the congregation to be connected with a youth/youth leader attending CLAY.  Here are the instructions:

Looking for individuals, couples or families who are willing to sponser one of our youth/ leaders, and to help make this CLAY experience a positive step in the faith journey of our young people and their leaders.
 What a CLAY Pal does: 
  • Contact youth leader to let me know you are willing to help 
    • Youth leader will then send a name and address of a youth
    • Youth leader will send a letter with more info/details
  • Keep that person in your prayers
  • Send/ mail a card / note to that person during the month of July ( at least one)
    • from their secret CLAY PAL
  • Prepare a CLAY care package for that person for during CLAY August 20-22
    • treats, cookies, candies, fun socks – up to your imagination
    • care packages ready for Thursday August 19th 
    • these can be dropped off at church or arrange with youth leader for pick up if needed


Parking Lot viewing (if guidelines allow): encourage youth to bring a chair and a picnic to the church picnic/yard, and set up a screen for viewing the Large Group Gathering portions of CLAY

CLAY 2021

Registration for CLAY 2021 began May 27. The National Planning Committee has been hard at work developing a one-of-a-kind online CLAY experience. Here are some of the highlights:

Home Team Leaders are invited to attend an Orientation Session on June 23rd from 4 to 6 pm MDT. Register here to gain access to the zoom details for the session.

Registration and Cost
Registration opened May 27 2021.
In an effort to make CLAY 2021 as accessible as possible, the cost of participating will be pay-what-you-can. The suggested amount per participant is $45.

Home teams that can pay beyond the suggested amount are encouraged to, in order to help assist with costs stemming from those who may not be able to afford the registration fee.

What will online CLAY be like?
Our National Planning Committee is committed to making this CLAY the absolute best it can be! It will be a gathering of hundreds of Anglican and Lutheran youth happening at the same time across the country.

There will be a three-hour group gathering time each day featuring: worship, workshops, and a large group gathering with the CLAY band, drama team, and our keynote speaker, Melanie Delva.

There will also be the Late Night Spots every day (a CLAY participant favourite) plus activities engaging with our National Youth Project happening outside of the group gathering times.

Home Teams will be encouraged to gather in-person if it is safe to do so, in accordance with local public health guidelines or participate online as a group. For more information and to read this on our website, please click here.

Youth and Campus Services for 2020-2021
(First Sunday of the month at 6:30pm, unless otherwise noted)

***Due to the Covid-19 Restrictions, youth services are suspended.  Watch the synod e-newsletter and synod FB page for information for next year.***

*event pages will be posted to the MNO Synod FB-page as dates approach! For some video clips of previous MNO Youth Service, click here.

Hosting a Youth Service?  Click here for information!

Is your Police Background Check up-to-date (no more than two years old, according to our policy) and on-file at MNO Synod Office? In Winnipeg, go here to get a background check done. For information about getting an RCMP police information check and vulnerable sector check, click here. MNO Synod follows the ELCIC Policy for Protection of Children, Youth, and Other Vulnerable People. If your background check is more than two years old, please have a new one completed and included on file at MNO Synod (if you are a leader engaged in a bus trip, retreat, or other synod youth activity).

Here is a Witness Moment from 2014 with Pastor Tyler Gingrich speaking about ministry with young people

Young Adult Ministry

Due to turnover in synod staff, young adult ministry in the MNO synod will be going through a season of revisioning and rebuilding.  Watch for more information.  If you are interested in being part of strengthening and revitalizing young adult ministry in the MNO synod, please share your interest with the synod office.