Congregations Collaborate and Work Together on Summer Worship

 The congregations of St. Mark’s, Epiphany and Gloria Dei (Winnipeg) are sharing services for July and August. For the weeks that each congregation is ‘hosting’ worship, that congregation will do its own service, and then all 3 congregations will share that service to their communities using YouTube and Facebook.

 This collaboration came together as pastors considered ways to share the resources and energy of recording and livestreaming worship while also allowing for space and time for rest and holiday.  For these three congregations, the pastors got together in June to record some welcome videos together that are being used over the course of the Summer to tie together the collaborative aspect of doing worship in this way.
    Each of the congregations will be sharing in the reading of lessons each week, too, so that – no matter which congregation is leading worship – people will see at least one familiar face in the service.
  As the Summer weeks kicked off, the congregations worked together on a “promo video” with a song that was recorded from isolation by members from all three congregations.  You can view this video HERE.
     Other congregations are also collaborating and sharing services throughout the summer to provide space and time for leaders to rest and be restored.  A brief guide on how to cross-post and share services from other congregations is on the Covid-19 resource page of the synod web site.