Easter Vigil Service

A pre-recorded Easter Vigil service will be premiered on the MNO Synod YouTube channel on Saturday, April 16 at 5:00 p.m.  This service is a collaboration of more than 15 congregations throughout the synod and includes contributions from more than 50 people.  Plan on setting aside some time on Saturday to join with others and hear the stories and songs of our faith as a way of ushering in the Light of the Resurrection.

The Easter Vigil is a service that uses readings, songs, and prayers to tell the broad story of God and God’s people that culminates in the proclamation of the Resurrection.  Historically, for those who would be preparing for baptism during the season of Lent, the Vigil was sometimes the service that completed this formation. Now, the Easter Vigil continues to be a way to tell the broad story of salvation, from creation to resurrection.

This is the second year the MNO Synod has brought together readings, songs and prayers from around the synod.  As the readings are presented creatively by a variety of ages and styles, the depth of the message and the diversity of the church is expressed. The service also includes portions in German and Finnish as some of the languages spoken in the synod, and as a reminder that the stories of faith are rich and meaningful in multiple languages.