Lay Leaders Connect and Get Informed

Lay Leaders Connect and Get Informed

Recently the synod office hosted a series of Zoom meetings for lay leaders in congregations to discuss the implications and logistics related to considering resuming in-person worship. We are  so grateful to all those who joined us in these conversations.  We value your partnership in ministry.

Over 60 people representing more than 30 congregations joined one of the meetings.  When invited to share joys and challenges from this time of separation, many heard that the joys and challenges were sometimes the same: being connected in new ways, learning new technology, and the experience of online services.  A consistent challenge involved being uncertain about the future.

While a large part of the agenda was to discuss the guidelines released by the synod office, there was also emphasis put on the importance of conversations about congregational identity, mission, vision and core values when considering resuming in-person worship and congregational programs.  Several congregations have already followed up with synod staff for more conversation about mission, vision and values.

Several participants commented how beneficial these meetings were, and how encouraging it was to gather with leaders from other congregations and share stories about ministry.  There may be an opportunity to host meetings like this in the future.

If your congregation was not able to attend one of the meetings, or if your leadership would benefit from further conversation about mission, vision, and core values as you consider your ministry direction, please contact Deacon Michelle Collins (