Little Free Food Pantry Blesses Many in Gimli

Contributed by Pr. Rick Schulz, Gimli Lutheran Church

In the spring of 2019, some members of Gimli Lutheran Church started talking about the possibility of starting a ‘Little Free Pantry’ for outside the church. There seemed to be some interest in getting in started but no one really took the project on so it remained a topic of discussion about the ways in which we could be reaching out to the community.

Then in March of 2020, we suddenly fell under the grips of COVID-19. The church closed its doors on March 15th, 2020 and all rental groups were no longer allowed access to the church building. One day around the middle of April 2020, Pastor Rick went to the church to access the office and found that a ‘box’ had been added to the ‘Free Library’ that had been operational for quite some time. The problem was that no one knew who built it or installed it. In addition, the “Little Free Pantry” was completely stocked. We searched and searched for who built it and we finally had the puzzled solved.

It has proven to be an incredible way for Gimli Lutheran Church to be reaching out to the community. We have placed a sign on the pantry encouraging people to “Take what they need and leave what they can”. At times we have been shocked to see it completely empty within a few hours only to come back a few hours later to see it filled once again. Some have questioned who is taking the food and then just as quickly a response has been heard that it is not for us to question the motives of those using the pantry. We are simply called to offer what we can so those who are in need are able to receive what we have to offer.

What an incredible blessing our “Little Free Pantry” has been for those who need and for those who can give.