Global Companions – Cameroon

Global Companions – Cameroon

Help us Care for Children in Cameroon (ELCIC)

Within this program, 60 children suffering from extreme poverty receive support with school tuition, supplementary food for their diets and emergency medical care.

Donations can be made through any MNO Synod congregation by marking “Kids Helping Kids” on your offering envelope.

Or donate now through CLWR’s Gifts from the Heart campaign by clicking the button below.

Mission Update:


KHK Activities Report For July and August 2016
In July we had two meetings, the first was on the 10 during which we studied the documents given by Samaritan Purse. It was based on the gift of God and the life of Jesus Christ when he was on earth.

The second meeting was on the July 25 which was mainly for food distribution because we didn’t had enough time to do it on the 10 and the kids choose themselves the date of the 25 to come for their food.

During each meeting we prayed for the donators in MNO synod in Canada, for those who are ill, for the kids themselves and their different families. At the end of each meeting we sang and danced before everyone went back home.

In August we just had one meeting on the 14. We had food distribution, we collected the school report books in order to support the kids with scholarships, books and other school needs. These report books will help us to know really who succeeded to the higher class. Also, all the kids and families are preparing the new school year which will begin on September 5.

In other information, two kids were sick and hospitalized for about one week, it was Belahimi Emmanuel and Bana Vincent who are in the same family, now they are all fine.

The uncle of Pohimi Viviane and Bela Ani Gerard died on the August 21 at the government hospital, he was sick for many months before.

To conclude our next meeting will be on September 11. Certainly we will distribute books and other school needs for the new school year 2016/2017.

May God give you strength and health to continue this charitable work KHK Program.
Stay with God blessings.
Fanta Gaknone