Study Conference 2021

We are (STILL) Church Together

…making every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Eph. 4:3
Date: Aug. 11-13

This year’s online Study Conference theme is “We are (STILL) Church Together” as we reflect on the 20thanniversary of the Waterloo Declaration, respond to the variety of ways “community” and “connection” have been challenged, changed or re-imagined due to the pandemic, and consider the changing church and world to which we are being called together as Lutherans and Anglicans.

While gathering in-person would be the ideal, this online study conference will seek to offer a mix of large group and small group time, with a large block of free time for rest and restoration in ways that are meaningful to you.  A brief evening offering of fellowship and prayer will provide space for connection and conversation with those we may not have seen in a while.

Each day we will gather online from 10:00-12:30 for a mix of worship, large group learning and small group reflection.  The afternoon will be yours, with suggestions and resources for spiritual, personal and relational renewal provided.  On Wednesday evening you’re invited to reconnect at 8:00 pm for an online ‘house concert’ from local musicians, followed by time for fellowship.  On Thursday evening you’re invited to reconnect at 8:00 pm for a brief evening prayer service, followed by time for fellowship. 

We hope you will set aside time to join with clergy from the MNO Synod and Diocese of Rupert’s Land for these days of learning, reflection and fellowship.  Much has happened in the church and in the world since we were last able to gather for a study conference.  As a society we are being challenged to face the painful realities of our history and prejudice that continues to marginalize and oppress.  Our sense of identity, safety and community is being challenged from all sides.  And yet…God is faithful, and we are STILL church together…washed in the waters of baptism, gathered by the Spirit, nourished by the Word, and sent into the world with a word of hope and healing.

As we REMEMBER our commitment to common mission, as we NAME the realities of our current context, and as we DREAM/WONDER about the ministry to which we are still called, may we be encouraged and strengthened by colleagues and community that remind us that…We are (STILL) Church Together.


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2021 AGENDA (as of July 22)




Use these resources to for intentional renewal, rest, and reflection.  If you are able to or comfortable with gathering with others, these resources might guide shared practice, discussion or reflection.

Dwelling in the Word Guide
Dwelling in the Word John 17

Dwelling in the Word Gen 12
Dwelling in the Word 2 Cor 5

Centering Prayer Guidelines

Praying the Lord’s Prayer
With mindful movements, you will feel the meaning and intentions of this prayer taught by Jesus to his first disciples, created by Roy DeLeon, Oblate of St Benedict with St Placid Priory in Lacey, WA. He is the author of “Praying with the Body: Bringing the Psalms to Life” published by Paraclete Press.

Praying with the Body–Psalm 32
This is a short clip from the DVD Praying with the Body, available from Paraclete Press.

The Wholeness Wheel is a tool that invites ministry leaders to reflect on self-care and wholeness through the anchor of the promises of baptism.