ACTS of the MNO Grant–Memorial Garden at Abundant Life, Winnipeg

This is the area where the memorial garden will be built.

Abundant Life Lutheran Church in Winnipeg has received an ACTS of the MNO Grant to support the creation of a memorial garden. The dream for the memorial garden came from the desire to create a space for members of Abundant Life to be buried in a place of significance for them, but also for a desire to make it available to the community as well.  There is not another cemetery in the area, so the memorial garden will be available for the whole community, creating an opportunity to strengthen visibility and connection with those not yet part of a faith community. The memorial garden will be created in a small area of the church property just off the existing patio (pictured), and will have a raised flower bed in the shape of a cross. This will be surrounded by patio stone, with privacy walls built to provide protection from the winds until proper shrubs can grow. The area will include benches and a potential water feature. The Abundant Life Memorial Garden seeks to be a plot of holy ground, set apart to honor the past, present and future of the comm