Compassionate Justice Initiatives – Antipoverty Grants

Compassionate Justice Initiatives – Antipoverty Grants

The MNO Synod receives funding from the ELCIC (given through CLWR gifts) to help enable social justice projects on our territory that seek to address anti-poverty causes and issues in Canada. These funds are to assist church and society groups with endeavours that address poverty in local settings. The set of criteria for these programmes is outlined below.

If your congregation or organization wishes to apply for funding, please complete the application form (linked below), and submit to MNO Synod. Please note that only projects which will be completed in the current calendar year will qualify.

Projects are typically awarded grants varying from $500 to $6000
A registered charity number is required to apply
The deadline for applications is May 15

1. Build awareness on hunger and poverty issues as well as solutions through education, leadership development and advocacy.
2. Focus on domestic hunger and poverty issues with priority given to:
a. Food security (i.e. production, distribution, acquisition, nutrition, land use)
b. Employment (i.e. job training, counselling, placement, child care)
c. Development (i.e. preventative and primary health care, water and sanitation, literacy, housing, social services, environmental issues).
3. Are well planned in cooperation with and build on the social, cultural and spiritual resources of people who have access to limited material resources.
4. Promote self-reliance.
5. Operate in collaboration with other ecumenical and social services partners.

For further information, contact the synod office 204.889.3760 or