MNO Winter Youth Retreat

February 18-20, 2017
St Paul’s Lutheran Church, Steinbach, MB

Our theme was “In Another’s Shoes” What would it be like to live in another place? Can you imagine not living in Manitoba or Northwestern Ontario? …or even being from outside Canada? Questions like these were part of our time together at the retreat!

Our presenters for the weekend were artists, Andraea Sartison and Caroline Wintoniw. As Artistic Director of One Trunk Theatre, Andraea has been involved in writing and directing dramatic pieces on the Winnipeg artistic scene for several years. Caroline may be known to some of you as a member of the 2012 CLAY drama team; she is a photographer and videographer. Together, Andraea and Caroline have collaborated on a number of projects, and our time with them included some of a project they’re working on, called “Refuge,” – come to the retreat to hear more!
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For a highlights video of the Winter Retreat, click HERE