New Methods, Same Message and Ministry

 Many individuals and congregations have explored new ways of leading, gathering, and facilitating worship and community over the last year.  Rev. Theo Robinson (Incumbent, St Michael’s Anglican Church, Victoria Beach; Pastor, Interlake Regional Shared Ministry) shares his experience.

When we first started using Zoom for Sunday worship last year, I was very skeptical. It was strange to preside over a worship service with no one in the pews. I struggled with having to watch myself on the screen. And I felt like I could never get the view right in my “window”.
In the beginning, only 3 or 4 people showed up. A year later, I am much more comfortable with Zoom worship and we are up to 20 or more people who attend from all parishes in the Interlake Shared Ministry plus a few from my Anglican Parish of St Michael’s in Victoria Beach.
It was even suggested that we open the Zoom meeting 30 minutes early so that the people online could enjoy a little bit of conversation before the service began. We have done so and people have quite enjoyed visiting with each other.
I also started doing “coffee hour” using Zoom with each of the IRSM parishes. These have been well received. A couple of parishioners join from their personal care home and one even joins us from his car if he is out!
While we might have all been hesitant to use Zoom in the beginning, as people become more used to the technology, Zoom has become an important tool to keep us all connected until we can once again meet in-person.