Summer Faith Formation & Prayer Activities

Many congregations pause structured programming over the summer, but that doesn’t mean your family needs to stop engaging in intentional faith formation!  Below are some links and information about a variety of prayer activities and other faith formation experiences your family (of any definition) might explore this summer to continue growing in your faith:

Conversation Starters: 2021 Summer Conversation Starters
Print the document (double sided if you want to fold it into a tri-fold, single sided if you want to cut the questions up).  Cut the questions apart and put them in a jar that sits on the dining room table (or some other common area).  Take turns pulling a question from the jar and responding to it and then allowing others to respond.  If you’re going on a trip, put the questions into a plastic bag or envelope, and use them to generate conversation in the car, while waiting in line, etc.  Send the questions to family members or friends who live elsewhere and generate conversation via phone, email, text…or hand-written letters/postcards.


Lord’s Prayer with Actions (Messy Church):

Prayer Docs:

Lord’s Prayer Stones:

Prayer on the Go:

Blessings Beach Ball: Blow up a beach ball (any size). Talk about how blessings are all the good things God gives us. Using the sharpie marker, write/draw pictures of your family’s blessings (e.g. home, sun, food, friends, etc.) When you play with your Blessings Beach Ball throughout the summer, you will be reminded of all God’s blessings!