Studies and Devotional Materials

These are resources available from our synod for use in your local congregations!
You may consider viewing a full lecture, and then discussing, at an evening gathering. Or perhaps dividing a lecture-video into parts and view over the course a few gatherings.
Make use of the Compassionate Justice devotions, and the recommended further learning included!

Reformation 500 Commemoration Resources
full-length videos:
67 mins: “Unity in Diversity” Lecture by Rev. Dr. Dirk Lange
13 mins: “In Jesus, God Comes to Us” Sermon by Rev. Dr. Dirk Lange
61 mins: “Grace: Not for Sale” Lecture by Rev. Dr. Timothy Wengert
20 mins: “Enter into the Joy of Your Master” Sermon by Rev. Dr. Timothy Wengert
50 mins: “Mennonite Perspective on the Reformation” Lecture by Rev. Dr. Gerald Gerbrandt
short videos:
6 mins: “Moving Towards Being in Partnership with Others” with Bp Elaine Sauer
4 mins: “Scary Thing About Grace: It’s Given To Everyone” with Bp Richard Smith
5 mins: “Difficult to be a Reforming Tradition” with Bp Lee Luetkehoelter
5 mins: “Liturgy and Ritual Among First Nations” with Rev. Dr. Dirk Lange
2 mins: “The Value of Education in the Lutheran Tradition” with Andrea Ayala
6 mins: “Widening the Table” reflections with MNO bishops

Learn about Lutheran-Catholic dialogue in our synod here.
Learn about Luther’s 95 Theses here.
Learn about Wittenberg, Germany, here.

Compassionate Justice Devotions 2017

Presentations and videos from around our synod:
55 mins: “An Army of Problem Solvers” by Shaun Loney (2017)
28 mins: “Northern Manitoba Justice and Reconciliation Tour” documentary (2016)
56 mins: “I Will Not Be Shaken” by Steve Bell and Jamie Howison (2016)
36 mins: “Helping Refugees as They Arrive in Canada” by Jim Mair (2015)
38 mins: “Caring for Creation” workshop (2015)
26 mins: “Reformation Then and Now: Dismantling Walls Today” by Dirk Lange (2014)
12 mins: “Youth Ministry” by Bp Elaine Sauer (2014)
74 mins: “Why Don’t My Children (or Grandchildren) Go To Church?” by David Lose (2014)
57 mins: “Multifaith Voices on Physician-Assisted Suicide” panel (2013)
14 mins: “Women in Leadership in Cameroon” by Kelly Speak (2013)
43 mins (playlist): “Lutheran Conversation on Contemporary Worship” (2014)

From Canadian Lutheran World Relief
22 mins: “Food Study Tour to Ethiopia” with CLWR partner, Canadian Foodgrains Bank (2015)
15 mins: “Memories of the Beaverbrae” interviews about post-WWII immigration to Canada (2015)
6 mins: “Songs from Other Cultures” workshop (2014)
16 mins: “Young Adult Global Encounter” experience traveling to Peru (2013)

Videos from the archives
30 mins: “Share In the Joy” video from ELCIC and MNO about stewardship and programs (1989)
70 mins: “Luther Village – 40 Years of Outdoor Ministry” (2004)

MNO Synod encourages congregations to familiarize themselves with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions Calls to Action (particularly numbers 48-49 and 59-61 which relate to faith communities).
You may consider making use of the Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples A Disciple’s Prayer Book

For ongoing National Church studies, consult the ELCIC’s Faith, Order and Doctrine page.