Wittenberg sites

Sites around Lutherstadt-Wittenberg, Germany!

The Theses Door where, as the story goes, Luther posted his 95 Theses on October 31, 1517. It is the door to the sanctuary of the Castle-Church (All Saints Lutheran) in Wittenberg; if you attend a service on a Sunday at 10am, there, you can exit through the door, otherwise it remains shut.

Even though he died in Eisleben, Luther’s remains are interred in the All Saints Church (Castle-church), below the pulpit, in Wittenberg.

“Lutherhaus,” is the site of the Augustinian monastery to which Luther belonged when he arrived in Wittenberg. The monastery closed, and then the building became the home of the Luther family after Katharina and Martin Luther were married. Note the bronze statue of Katharina Von Bora at the center, bottom of the photograph; also, Katharina gifted Luther with the door-way just to the right of the center of the building, and it includes his “Rose” in the archway. For more information, click here.

Luther’s works spread, and support for him grew, in large part because they were printed on this early, movable-type press. This particular Gutenberg press (which would be a replica), is located in Lutherhaus, Wittenberg. For more information about the Gutenberg press, click here.

A bird’s-eye view of Wittenberg! The tall building to the left is the Castle-Church, and the building with the two turrets on the right is St Mary’s Church where Luther preached (see closer-up of St Mary’s, below).

St Mary’s – where Luther was married in 1525, where all six of his children were baptized, and where Luther preached. “The Mother Church of the Reformation,” click here for some more information.

For more information about the university where Luther taught, click here.

For more information about Luthergarten, click here. To see our ELCIC tree in the Luthergarten, click here.

For more information about LWF’s “Heaven’s Tent,” click here.

To learn more about the Protestant Reformation in Germany, and Luther’s life, watch a 14-minute video by Pastor Tyler, here.
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